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Common English Collocations with TIME ‚Äč

  • spend time
    To pass your time doing some activity.
    • I spend a lot of time studying English.
  • waste time
    Doing something that is not a good use of time.
    • Stop wasting time playing computer games and get to work!
  • make time for
    To "create" time in a busy schedule
    • I need to make time for regular exercise - maybe I can go to the gym before work.
  • save time
    Something that is efficient and gives you extra time.
    • Shopping online saves me time because I don't have to wait in line at the store.
  • free/spare time
    Time in which you have no obligations, and you can do whatever you want.
    • In my free time, I enjoy reading, painting, and cooking.
  • have time
    Be available to do something
    • I'd like to take violin lessons, But I don't have enough time.
  • kill time/ pass the time
    Do something to make the time pass faster while you're waiting for something else.
    • Let's bring some magazine to help pass the time on the train ride.
  • take your time
    You can use as much as you want, you don't have to go fast.
    • "I like all of these computers. I'm not sure which one I want to buy yet."
      "That's OK - take your time."
  • on time
    On schedule, at the right time
    • It's important to arrive on time for a job interview.
  • just in time
    At the perfect time, soon before something else happens
    • Hi, Henry! Have a rest - you got here just in time for dinner.
  • have a hard/rough time
    Something difficult, or a difficult period in life.
    • I'm having a hard time solving this math problem. Could you help me?
  • it's about time
    Something finally happened, but it should have happened a long time ago.
    • It's about time they fixed the air conditioner in my classroom! It's been broke for three years!.
  • pressed for time
    In a rush, in a hurry (when you need to do something and you don't have enough time)
    • Sorry, I can't talk at the moment - I'm a bit pressed for time. Can I call you back later?
  • run out of time
    Have no more time before the limit.
    • I ran out of time before I finished the test, so I didn't answer the last five questions.
  • stall for time
    • My son didn't want to go to bed, so he tried to stall for time by asking me to read him another bedtime story.
  • take time off
    Not go to work.
    • I'm taking some time off in July to go camping with my family.
  • ahead of one's time
    Having ideas or attitudes that are too advanced for the culture/society at the moment
    • My grandmother was ahead of her time - she opened her own company in an era when there were few woman in the business world.
  • behind the times
    Old-fashioned, not keeping up with current developments
    • Bob is a bit behind the times - he doesn't know how to use a computer, much less a smartphone.
  • a rage against time
    A situation when you need to rush to do something before the deadline (time limit)
    • The last day of submitting project proposals is one week from today - so now it's a race against time.
  • in the nick of time
    At the last moment before it's too late.
    • We got to the airport in the nick of time - If we'd arrived 15 minutes later, we would've missed our flight.
  • have the time of your life
    Have a super wonderful experience
    • My kids had the time of their lives at Disney World.
  • have a devil/hell of a time
    A very difficult experience
    • I'm having a devil of a time trying to install this software - every time I try, I get a different error message.
  • bide your time until
    Wait patiently for a good opportunity
    • He was just biding his time until he got a chance to work at his dream job.
  • catch at a bad time
    Attempt to speak to someone in a moment that is inconvenient for him/her.
    • Hi Peter! You caught me at a bad time - I'm about to go into a meeting. Could I call you back in an hour?
  • have a lot of time on your hands
    Have a lot of free time (maybe too much)
    • That guy completely covered the walls of his room with colored pencil drawings. He must have a lot of time on his hands!
  • all in good time
    It will happen when the time is right, so be patient
    • "Why is it taking so long for my career to take off?"
      "All in good time ... just keep working hard and you'll make it."
  • only a matter of time
    It will definitelly happen sooner or later
    • The company has lost money for the third year in a row; it's only a matter of time before it goes bankrupt.
  • time will tell
    The passing of time will show the result, whether good or bad.
    • "I was surprised that Bill and Jackie got married. Do you think they'll be happy together?"
      "Only time will tell."
  • stand the test of time
    Last for a long time and continue to be successful
    • This is a classic work of literature. It has stood the test of time.
  • the time is ripe
    It is the best time to do something.
    • Real estate prices are low, and we have a lot of money saved up - I think the time is ripe for us to buy a house.
  • a time suck
    Something that takes a lot of time (negative connotation)
    • Every week I have to update hundreds of documents for work - It's a real time suck.
  • the big time
    The highest or most profitable level
    • She made it to the big time with the launch of her latest novel - it sold hundreds of thousands of copies in the first week.
  • time flies
    Time passes very quickly
    • Your son is already 12 years old? I remember when he was a baby! How time flies ...
    • Time flies when you're having fun.
  • time is of the essence
    Correct timing is very important (often used for things that are urgent)
    • In order to meet the deadline, you need to send us the contract by Monday - time is of the essence.
  • third time is the charm
    The third time you try something, it will work (when the previous two attempts have failed)
    • I've called her twice, but she hasn't answered. Let me try again - the thirt time is the charm.
  • give it time
    We say "give it time" when we want to tell someone to be patient, because in time things will change.
    • You just broke you ankle. I know you're anxious to get back to playing sports, but give it time.