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Common English Collocations with LET

  • let me know
  • let me think
  • let me help you
  • let me go
  • let me in
  • let me try
  • let me down
  • let me see
  • let me check
  • let me clarify
  • let me tell you (that, about)
  • let your hair down

let go

  • let it go
  • let go of the past
  • let go of the reins

let up

  • let up on the criticism
  • let up on the complaints
  • let up on the accelerator
  • let up on her
  • At last, the rain is letting up.
  • The hurricane let up gradually.

let off

  • let her off the hook for the (party, dinner, ceremony)
  • let us off homework