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Common English Collocations with DO

General Good or Bad Actions

  • do nothing/anything/something/everything
    • Are you doing anything special for your birthday?
    • You can't do everything by yourself - let me help you.
  • do a good/great/terrible job
    • She did a good job organizing the party.
  • do well
    • I think I did pretty well in the interview.
  • do badly
    • Everyone did badly on the test - the highest grade was 68.
  • do good
    • The non-profit organization has done a lot good in the community.
  • do the right thing
    • When I found someone's wallet on the sidewalk, I turned it in to the police because I wanted to do the right thing
  • do your best

House Work

  • do your homework
    • You can't watch any TV until you've done your homework.
  • do your hair/nails/make-up
  • do the shopping/cooking
    • My wife always does the shopping, and I do the cooking.
  • do dishes
    • I'll make dinner if you do the dishes afterwards.
  • do laundry
    • I really need to do the laundry - I don't have any clean clothes left!
  • do ironing


  • do business
    • We do business with clients in fifteen countries.
  • do a course = take a course
    • We're doing a course at the local university.
  • do a drawing
  • do a report = write a report
    • I'm doing a report on the history of American foreign policy.
  • do exercise
    • I do at least half an hour of exercise every day.