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Common English Collocations with CATCH ‚Äč

  • catch a cold / catch the flu
    • I caught a nasty cold, so I decided to stay home and rest.
  • catch the bus/train
    • We got to the station just in time to catch the last train.
  • catch your breath
    to try to breathe normally after hard exercise.
    • I stopped running to catch my breath.
  • catch fire
    • Keep those papers away from the candle, or else they'll catch fire
  • catch a fish
    • We spent all morning on the riverbank, and only caught three fish.
  • catsh someone red-handed / catch someone in the act
    to discover someone doing something wrong or illegal at the moment they are doing it.
    • I caught my daughter red-handed trying to take money out of my purse.
    • Georage was flirting with another woman at the bar, and his wife caught him in the act.
  • catch someone's eye
    To make eye contact, or to attract attention.
    • I caught her eye and smiled.
    • This painting caught my eye because of its bright, lively colors.
  • catch a glimpse of
    • You can catch a glimpse of the ocean between the trees.
  • good catch
    If someone finds a mistake, you can say "Good catch!" to mean, "It's good that you found the error!"
    If you describe a person as a "good catch", it means he/she is a good person to date or marry:
    • Bob's hard-working, senesitive, funny - he's a good catch!
  • catch you later
    This is very informal way to say "See you later!"
    • "Hey, it was nick talking to you, but I've gotta to pick up the kids from school."
      "OK, catch you later!"
  • I didn't catch ...
    This is a way to say "I didn't hear/understand what you said."
    • "My home phone is 312-555-0307" and my office phone is 314-866-1294,extention 1352"
      "Sorry, I didn't catch you home phone number - could you repeat it?"
  • What's the catch?
    This is a phrase that is used to mean, "What's the disadvantage?" or "It sounds good, but are there any hidden problems?"
    • "I'll sell my car for just $500!"
      "Oh really? What's the catch?"