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Affect vs Effect


Affect is a verb.

It refers to the act of influenting someone or something and causing it to change.

Examples of Affect

  • Your thoughts and emotions can affect your health.
  • Smoking will affect your health.
  • How do cigarettes affect my brain?
  • His immune system was affected by his new medication.
  • Long periods of starvation affected the children's development.
  • The medicine may affect you ability to concentrate.
  • Age-related changes in organs, tissues and other parts of your body can affect how you respond or react to medicines.
  • The sudden change in weather affected my outdoor plans for the weekend.
  • Climate change can severely affect the ecosystems of fragile envrionments like coral reefs.
  • You shouldn't let his behaviour affect you so much.
  • The weather can affect your mood.
  • The divorce affected every aspect of her life.

Synonyms of Affect

The synonyms for Affect include: influence, have an effect on, sway.


Effect is a noun.

It describes the results of the influence or change itself.

Examples of Effect

  • Exercise can bring positive effects.
  • A good diet had a positive effect on their health.
  • We expect a positive effect on our conversion rate.
  • Nutrition has a major effect on the body.
  • What are the effects of smoking on the lungs.
  • Even minor head injuries can cause long-lasting psychological effects.
  • Global warming is projected to have a number of effects on the ocean.
  • The effect of her late arrival at work was a late departure.
  • Do you know the side effect of this medicine?
  • The side effects of the new treatment are still unknown.
  • The medicine started to take effect after a few minutes.
  • The new tax policy will take effect at the beginning of the fiscal year.
  • The director used special effects to create stunning visuals in the movie.
  • The music's smoothing effect helped her relax and fall asleep.
  • The Pygmalion effect is also known as the Rosenthal effect.

Synonyms of Effect

The synonyms of Effect include: result, consequence, outcome, reaction, ramifications.